Gear and Shipping

On rare occasions we may need support shipping the gear back to us in Lander or onto the next course location. We've simplified the process for convenience. Below is a quick reference but if you have any questions or need additional support. Please reach out to our Equipment and Materials Manager, email preferred:

Andrew Schulman


[email protected]

Return Shipping: FED EX Ground

  1. Remove or black out all old shipping labels and barcodes.

  2. Repack the gear into the boxes, seal with zip-ties and tape.

  3. Affix the pre-printed FEDEX shipping labels to boxes and secure with tape.

  4. Schedule a pickup with FEDEX.

Scheduling a Pickup Online: Preferred Method

  1. Go to or scan the QR code above.

  2. Input one of the tracking IDs. They should all start with 4772 131x xxxx from the return labels. You will only need to input one of the tracking numbers.

  3. Input the information for the pick-up location. Please don't enter NOLS HQ information.

  4. Change the number of packages to show the actual count of packages you are shipping. This may vary based on the type of course.

  5. Click "Schedule Pick-up"

Scheduling a Pickup by Call: Alternate Method

If you have limited internet connectivity you may need to use this alternate method to schedule a pick-up.

  1. Call 1-800-463-3339 and follow the voice prompts to schedule a pick-up

  2. The NOLS FEDEX account number is 118228200

  3. Provide the address information for the pickup location. Do not enter NOLS HQ information.

  4. The tracking ID 4772 131x xxxx is from your return label.