General Information

Fact Sheet

Are you interested in sponsoring a course? Please read this document first. The goal of this document is to give you an overall understanding of your sponsor responsibilities, cost structure, and how NOLS will support you. If you want all the details please reference the sponsor handbook, located below.

Sponsor Handbook

Our sponsor handbook is comprehensive resource for new or returning sponsors to reference.  Here you will find detailed information regarding our policies, timelines, and responsibilities.


This resource illustrates the ideal timeline for sponsoring a course and the associated tasks. While we prefer as much notice as possible we are happy to review course requests that fall outside of this parameter. Courses that are less than 90 days out will utilize an expedited schedule to accomplish all tasks.

Pre Course Financial Considerations

For domestic (USA) based course locations, please refer to the Course Estimate Guide to aide your organization in budgeting planning. 

For international (outside of USA) based course locations, please reach out to our offices directly at wilderness_medicine_sponsor(at) for additional assistance with course costs.