Course Planning Resources

Information for students

All students should be provided four key pieces of information upon registration and two to three weeks prior to the start of the course.

Information to communicate with our office

For every course NOLS Wilderness Medicine will need you to complete:

 5.  Course logistics

Other useful resources

6. Marketing and Advertising 

  1. Student Logistics Template

This template should include information about travel, lodging, and logistical specific to your course, as well as information for students on how to register (if you're taking the enrollment).

Directions for use: Use the link below to go to a Google Drive version of the document which you can duplicate into your own Google account. You can also download the template in Microsoft Word format from the "File" menu of the Google Doc.

Once you have your own copy of the document, fill out and customize all information specific to your course. Once filled out, you can change the font color to black or leave it as is.

When finished, send a copy (via Google Drive or attached as a Microsoft Word document) to your specific account manager. A PDF version of this document will be posted on the page for your course on the NOLS website. We encourage you to post this document in your spaces as well.

Some tips:

2. Course Overviews

Below is a Course Overview for each NOLS Wilderness Medicine course type. We encourage you to download or link to the relevant Course Overview and distribute it to students. Students can also find this document on the page specific to your course on the NOLS website at: using your unique 5-digit course number.

WFA Course Overview
WFR Course Overview
WFRR Course Overview
HWRR Course Overview
WAFA Course Overview
WUMP Course Overview
WMPP Course Overview
HYBRID WFR Course Overview

3. Wilderness Medicine Communicable Disease Mitigation Practices

This document outlines what is required of students on all course types. It should be shared with students well in advance of their course. 

4. Student Agreement

This document is required to be signed by all students prior to participation. It outlines polices and procedures and contains a release of liability and assumption of risk. It should be accessible to students to read prior to their course.

5. Course Logistics 

Course logistics can easily be updated by reaching out to your account manager or through the Sponsor Portal. Please know not everyone will have access to the Sponsor Portal. 

If you do, the Sponsor Portal allows us to communicate a myriad of course details to your instructor team about your course location, classroom, and student audience. It also ensures all arrangements for the instructors are in place, including meal plans and lodging.

6. Marketing and Advertising Resources

One of the first things you can do after returning your contract is start marketing your course, this is especially helpful if you are looking to fill your course with public participants. 

Access this quick guide for promoting your course on social media, including links to our social media post templates. We recommend advertising for your course a handful of times when your enrollment is open. Research shows it takes a minimum of three ads to entice a person to act on an advertisement.

The flyers linked below are also great way to spread the word and help share the opportunity within your organization and to distribute to others.

Please add your information to the appropriate flyer and advertise your course. These are suitable for print and electronic disbursement.

Below are overview videos for NOLS Wilderness Medicine courses that can be shared as well.